July 31, 2015

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Alexis Yun Hill accepts NAMI National 2015 Young Leader Award. NEA.BPD acknowledged in her speech

NEA.BPD Australia hosts the 3rd Family Connections Training. Two-day training held in Adelaide with Alan Fruzzetti

Fc Australia training June 2015

Join NEA.BPD at the NAMI Convention July 6 to July 8th. San Frans. Speakers include Marsha Linehan, Alan Fruzzetti and Karyn Hall. See full schedule

photo 1

2015 NAMI SF Convention Flyer Final

Another Family Connections Training in Australia Dr. Alan Fruzzetti in Adelaide June 29th and 30th. Sixty new leaders coming there soon!!

TV Interview with Dr Karyn Hall and Jaimie Lawson. An historic moment building awareness http://www.khou.com/videos/entertainment/television/programs/great-day-houston/2015/05/19/borderline-personality-disorder/27581355/

APA Presentation: “35 Years of Progress” discussed by world researchers. 1st presentation “Basic Facts” Joel Paris, MD McGill University. (Click here for presentation)

Basic Facts Joel Paris MD

Read the New York Times blog article on BPD! http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/05/16/no-longer-wanting-to-die/?emc=edit_tnt_20150516&nlid=54980128&tntemail0=y

1st NEABPD Italy Conference highlighted in the press http://www.quotidianosanita.it/scienza-e-farmaci/articolo.php?articolo_id=27750 Click to read the article translation. 1st NEABPD Italy Conference

1st NEABPD Italy Conference

NEA.BPD 2015 Austin Family Connections Training. Alan Fruzzetti and colleagues


NEA.BPD Italy and NEA.BPD Australia each hosting their first events in May. Welcome to both. We are proud and honored to have you part of the NEA.BPD community.

In Australia: Family Connections Training weekend:  43 new leaders!   In Italy: NEABPD Italy conference 2015