July 24, 2014

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New York State awards NEA.BPD another grant to training more Family Connections leaders in the state. This is the 4th grant received from New York and NEA.BPD applauds the state in its support to help families and therefore help persons with BPD.

NAMI National Convention September 4-6th in Washington DC. NEA.BPD hosts several events. Please join us.

Fall and Winter 2015 Conference Schedule Coming Soon.

NEA.BPD Conference planning is heavily under way with conference events planned in the US and other countries as well. Highlighted conference topics include early detection, treating adolescents, skills for families, the evolution of BPD as a diagnosis and the treatments that followed. More information available soon with Save the Dates!

NEA.BPD announces new Board Members including Ken Silk MD, Professor, Department of Psychiatry University of Michigan

NAMI’s New Interim President!

NAMI’s New Interim President! NEA.BPD’s former Board Member Jim Payne. We are very proud and have loaned Jim out to NAMI!

One Million Dollar Donation!

Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi donate $1 million to mental health community.  Look forward to seeing them at the NEA.BPD events in Chicago May 30th!

NEA.BPD official journal first articles available

NEA.BPD official journal. First articles now available. Dr Leslie Morey: Borderline features are associated with inaccurate trait self-estimations.”

Early Identification, Prevention and Treatment Think Tank

Think Tank Members

NEA.BPD 1st Think Tank on Early Identification, Prevention and Treatment of Child and Adolescent Borderline Personality Disorder.  Highly productive meeting with many BPD experts in one room.  More information to follow. 

Stories about recovery invited for submission!

Sign up for NEA.BPD Call-In Series Spring-Summer. Sunday evenings 8pm EST. Register at neabpdcalls@aol.com with name, address, email and phone number during the call. For full schedule read more

Save the Date:   1st call-in May 18th with Dr Melanie Harned, an expert on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Marsha Linehan’s clinic. Download the full schedule here.