Sharing our voice, with Amanda Wang, one conversation at a time. Amanda is announcing the launch of a podcast series! Her grassroots endeavor, RethinkBPD, has partnered with NEABPD and Yale School of Medicine to bring you In Conversation: Talks on Borderline Personality Disorder & Recovery.

With an open and honest look at this disorder, its symptoms, and treatment, we hope this podcast series brings awareness and understanding to those supporting, helping, and living with borderline personality disorder. Check out the first three episodes and go to...

One more step! The GAP Initiative, Early Prevention, Intervention and Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder, is pleased to announce that its position paper has been accepted under a Letter to World Psychiatry. This sets the scene for continuing global efforts to promote prevention and early intervention for people with BPD, their families and communities. Initiated under the auspices of NEABPD, then organized, energized and firmly established by Drs. Andrew Chanen and Carla Sharp (both first authors on the Letter), GAP supporters included more than 50 world leaders in the field. Stay tuned for more to come on this crucial issue.

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