April 28, 2015

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New article in BPD and Emotion Dysregulation. “Gender differences in aggression of borderline personality disorder”: bpded.com

NEA.BPD Australia and Family Connections highlighted in Australian newspaper

BPD receives the least amount of funding from NIMH. Read more From the President’s Desk

NASSPD Conference March 28th and 29th. Special family rate $150!! For more information, please email neabpd@aol.com for full details.

March 1st Call-in 8pm to 9pm EST “Emotional Cascades and Understanding the Chaos and Complexity in Borderline Personality Disorder” Edward Selby, Ph.D. Register at neabpdcalls@aol.com

NEA.BPD Call-in Sunday February 22nd 8pm to 9pm EST Anthony Ruocco, Ph.D. “Cognitive Functioning and Functional Abilities in BPD.” register at neabpdcalls@aol.com

Hot off the NEABPD Call-in Series: Drs. Charlie Swenson and Kelly Koerner “Skills as the Core of DBT: Commentaries on the New Skills Manual.”

1st Call-in Feb 15th: Register at neabpdcalls@aol.com.. Read more about Drs Swenson and Koerner

Submissions invited for an anthology of BPD journeys to be published by New Harbinger Publication. Editors John G. Gunderson, MD and Perry D. Hoffman, Ph.D.

Radio interview with Andrew Chanen, MD in honor of Mental Health Week in Australia