February 11, 2016

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NASSPD 2016 Conference: April 16th and 17th. Drs. Andrew Chanen, Alan Fruzzetti, John Gunderson, Otto Kernberg New York City, New York Academy of Sciences. Special rate for families.


Save the Date: Atlanta February 1st Family Connections Open Meeting

SAVE THE DATE!!  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1st  10:00AM to 12 Noon – Room 2309  (new meeting room!!) For our first Family Connections Continuing Education Program of 2014, we are honored to host a very special guest speaker and researcher: Dr. Nori Lim, PhD from Emory University School of Medicine’s Adolescent DBT Program Dr. Lim is a […]

HIPAA, and clinicians…

Families Could Help More in Treatment, If HIPAA Allowed It By LISA A. MILES Why is it that families are kept so far out of the loop when it comes to a loved one’s health? The quick, easy answer, of course, is the nation’s health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA). Physicians are able to share […]

NIMH Twitter Chat

  More than 5% of U.S. adults have #borderline personality disorder as reported in a NIMH study#NIMHchats — Mental Health NIMH (@NIMHgov) May 31, 2013 self-injury & suicide attempts are hallmarks of #BPD.#NIMHchats — Mental Health NIMH (@NIMHgov) May 31, 2013 . @borderlineinfo educate and re-educate mental health professionals. No longer a hopeless disorder! #NIMHchats […]


PHOENIX, Arizona, May 15. SASHA Menu-Courey, once a Canadian National Championship qualifier, tragically took her life on June 17, 2011 after spending years battling a little-known mental disorder. The scholarship athlete and outstanding student had Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), a disorder that affects approximately 14 million Americans. The main characteristic of this disorder is finding […]

More on the DSM and why a solid, fact-based diagnosis is elusive

www.nytimes.com/2013/05/12/opinion/sunday/shortcomings-of-a-psychiatric-bible.html?smid=pl-share May 11, 2013 Shortcomings of a Psychiatric Bible By THE EDITORIAL BOARD of the New York Times Patients and parents concerned about mental illness have every right to be confused. The head of the federal agency that finances mental health research has just declared that the most important diagnostic manual for psychiatric diseases lacks scientific […]

DSM matters for insurance, services, but little else

This was forwarded by our own Jim Breiling, board member of NEABPD. This is SO important for families to understand, because with the care and support our relatives need, and often cannot get for themselves, well… we have to know how to make the system work for us. May 11, 2013 Why the Fuss Over the […]

Look at that! In honor of May – BPD Awareness Month:

A great depiction of the BPD struggle – for patients and for families…

We are all doing the best we can….

Dr. Miller explains the dialectic in plain terms that we can all understand and appreciate. Don’t miss the end of this great explanation.

Breaking down the stigma, one area at a time

I had the honor of being invited to speak about BPD, DBT and my family’s experience this past weekend, at the Annual Conference of the Southwestern Pennsylvanis NAMI Affiliate. How progressive of this group of wonderful people, to feature BPD on their program! And indeed, how positive in its outcome: many from the audience of […]