April 25, 2014

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Conference Archive


NEA.BPD and Silver Hill Hospital  - December 6, 2013
The High Conflict Couple: The DBT Approach to Couples Therapy

NEA.BPD and Borderline Personality Disorder Initiative (BPDI) at the Semel Institute at UCLA – March 22, 2013
Diagnosing and Treating Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents and Young Adults

NEA.BPD and NASSPD Annual Conference – Boston – April 20-21, 2013
NASSPD Annual Conference

9th Annual Yale NEA.BPD Conference – May 10, 2013
Borderline Personality Disorder and Managing Related Cognitive Challenges


White Plains, NY – March 9, 2012
Diagnosis and Treatment for Adolescents with BPD

8th Annual Yale NEA.BPD Conference – May 4, 2012
Impulsivity, Aggression, and Legal Involvement 

The Menninger Clinic – Saturday, November 10th, 2012
Healing Hearts of Families of BPD


Family Perspectives – Atlanta, GA – November 4, 2011
Family Perspectives on BPD: The Basics and Beyond

University of Washington, Seattle – April 2-3, 2011
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) State of the Art and Science

7th Annual Yale NEA.BPD Conference – April 14-15, 2011
Empirically Supported Therapies for Borderline Personality Disorder: Common and Distinguishing Aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT)


Genetics to Treatment – Richmond, VA – March 13, 2010
Leaders Speak about Research Findings and Implications

6th Annual Yale NEA.BPD Conference – May 7, 2010
Borderline Personality Disorder, Obesity, and Eating Disorders


5th Annual Yale NEA.BPD Conference – May 1, 2009
Borderline Personality Disorder and Problems with Substance Use


Menninger Clinic Continuing Education Conference – Houston, Texas – March 28, 2008
Borderline Personality Disorder: New Clinical Approaches

4th Annual Yale NEA.BPD Conference – May 2, 2008
Borderline Personality Disorder, Trauma, and Resiliency

NEA.BPD and Department of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota, Medical School – October 18-19, 2008
Research Across the Lifespan and Clinical Applications for Treatment