May 1, 2016

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Healing Hearts of Families of BPD: Shari Manning, Ph.D.

Saturday, November 10th, 2012
The Menninger Clinic

Conference Hosts

This conference is hosted by The Menninger Clinic and The Association for Evidence-Based Treatment of Mental Disorders, a nonprofit group dedicated to advancing the knowledge and effective treatment of borderline personality disorder. Committee members include Suzanne Robinson, LCSW; Meggan Watson, LCSW; Angela Tallo, LPC-S; Jim and Diane Hall; Jennifer Swantkowski, LCSW; Carl Dunn, and Karyn Hall, Ph.D.

Click the links below to view the videos from the conference.

What is Mentalizing and Why Do It? – Jon Allen, Ph.D.

Loving Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder: A Model of Emotion Regulation – Shari Manning, Ph.D.

Causes of BPD, Overview of Treatments & Medication – John Oldham, M.D.

Borderline Personality Disorder in Children and Adolescents – Carla Sharp, Ph.D.