May 4, 2016

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Special Call-In Series: Educational Seminar: “Connecting the Dots” Recordings of Drs. Charlie Swenson and Kelly Koerner

LISTEN NOW and BLOG TO JOIN THE DISCUSSION!: Listen to the first three call recordings.
Email to register. Subject: Connecting the Dots.  Message: Name and phone number.   Also, share your thoughts and questions on the calls.

Click the play button to listen March 25, 2012 Connecting the Dots:


April 29th, 2012 – Connecting the Dots Part 2: Foibles, Quirks and Shortgoings. Click the play button to listen:


May 20th, 2012 – Connecting the Dots Part 3: Being Radical – The Difference Between Making 100% Commitment to Something, versus less than 100%. Click the play button to listen:



  1. phdhoffman says:

    Sign up for the next “Connecting the Dots” call. Sunday April 22nd “Foibles, Quirks and Shortcomings. What to Do about Them.” Email to register. Subject: Connecting the Dots. Message: Name and phone number. Also, share your thoughts and questions on this first of the series “Connecting the Dots.” The Beginning, was recorded on March 25th, the kickoff of the conversational hour hosted by Charlie Swenson and Kelly Koerner. Join their dialogue by posting a comment for further discussion.

  2. Roy Krawitz says:

    Hi Kelly and Charlie
    Thank you. I have just finished listening to the recording of your 1st ‘Connect the Dots’ conversation. I really enjoyed your conversation and will definitely listen to future conversations of yours. I listened to the conversation whist doing things around the home and felt fortunate and blessed in that it felt like the two of you were relaxed and fascinatingly interesting guests in my home, like we were all having a relaxed convivial and immensely stimulating heart-warming conversation together over a cup of coffee. Oh and ‘DBT as gambler’ – I can’t wait to sing (and maybe even dance too) this at my DBT consult and DBT skills training. Thank you
    Roy Krawitz, Thames and Hamilton DBT service, New Zealand

    • Good for you keep up the good work. There is life beyond the berdor land! Mine was two years. I’ve finally, after lots of on & off, ended the relationship for good. I feel pretty good although i’m probably drinking way to much at the moment. He did the usual & made up a story about assaulting someone & being arrested. He always does that when we split up. I think to try & get me to communicate with him. Any attention is attention i guess. I went along with all his stories in the past knowing full well they were not true. This time i have finally been able to tell him i know it’s not true. I felt scared doing it, which is pathetic, but it felt soo good to release myself from his lies & chaos. It’s so good to have this web site. It’s helped me break away from the madness that is a boderlines life.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with this poositin. I have been wondering when someone was going to notice that some of the folks in the rooms are not even really addicts, rather they are using to medicate underlying mental illness, personality disorders especially. An individual with Narcissistic Personality Disorder running short on Narcissistic Supply will definitely use drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, they will also find in 12-step groups a rich source of Narcissistic Supply and can create for themselves a very comfortable Narcissistic Pathological Space, especially through sponsoring and service.’ All to the detriment of the poor souls who are being used as supply whilst just trying to get and stay clean and sober.It’s important to always remember that the rooms are not a hotbed of mental health. I wish there was some way to identify and screen out these individuals and protect the vulnerable, but as a member of that other fellowship (CoDa), that’s not surprising, is it?