July 31, 2015

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From the President's Desk

1st NEABPD Italy Conference highlighted in the press http://www.quotidianosanita.it/scienza-e-farmaci/articolo.php?articolo_id=27750 Click to read the article translation. 1st NEABPD Italy Conference

1st NEABPD Italy Conference

NEA.BPD 2015 Austin Family Connections Training. Alan Fruzzetti and colleagues


NEA.BPD Italy and NEA.BPD Australia each hosting their first events in May. Welcome to both. We are proud and honored to have you part of the NEA.BPD community.

In Australia: Family Connections Training weekend:  43 new leaders!   In Italy: NEABPD Italy conference 2015


Dear NEA.BPD Community, In some way we have all been touched by BPD and many of us, in times of great despair, felt hopeless and alone.. We urge you to join all of us in reaching millions of people who are desperate for support and hope, by spreading awareness any way you can so no […]

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May is BPD Awareness Month.  Please share the NEA.BPD Poster in honor of Awareness!! Please click on the poster to download and print 


Article by Ken Silk, MD on Medication Read abstract (click here).

The Process of Managing Medications in Patients with Borderline Personality Disorderab

Free-Call-In Series: Sunday April 12th topic: Medication– Dr. Ken Silk. Email neapbdcalls@aol.com to register