April 16, 2014

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Israel Conference: “What works for borderline personality disorder” 800 people attended the meetings in Tel Aviv


Dr Alan Fruzzetti and colleagues discuss DBT theory and practice. Here’s two quick videos from the What Works for Borderline Personality Disorder Conference that took place in Tel-Aviv, Israel on February 7 and 9, 2014.  

NEA.BPD receives 2nd Grant Award from New York State

Call-In Series Archives Converted to MP3 Files.

Full product details on the NEA.BPD Store.

New Resources: Dr. John Gunderson’s “BPD Brief” and “Family Guidelines” translated into Spanish and Italian.

The American Psychiatric Association voted on DSM-5

On Dec 1, 2012 the American Psychiatric Association voted on DSM-5.  The categorical model and criteria for the 10 personality disorders included in DSM-IV will remain in addition to new trait- specific methodology.

Family Connections reaches South Africa!


The strength and support offered by our Family Connections classes is reaching Lesotho, a country inside the country of South Africa. A seminar version of the skills and support class is being taught to a group of twelve House Moms and clinical staff for Beautiful Dream, an organization dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking […]

Debbie Davidson Family Connections Award

NEA.BPD invites you to listen to the presentation made by Debbie 365 days before her passing from lymphoma.