May 1, 2016

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BPD Videos by Topic

Borderline Personality Disorder Resources

As part of its mission, NEA-BPD maintains an extensive library of audio and video resources at no charge. By sharing reliable, current information from leading research professionals, we hope to provide consumers, family members and clinicians, as well as the general public, with tools to enhance the education, treatment, and quality of life of those affected by this disorder. Please support NEA-BPD with your tax-deductible donation.

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BPD Videos by Topic


A BPD Overview for Clinicians, Consumers and Family Members Perry D. Hoffman, PhD 1 hr, 48 min, 15 sec Dec-2007
Borderline Personality Disorder: Isn’t It time for a New Name? Antonia New, MD 52 min, 21 sec Oct-2007
Borderline Personality Disorder: Charting the Future John M. Oldham, MD, MS 1 hr 12 min, 4 sec Oct-2007
Congressional Briefing on Borderline Personality Disorder Multiple speakers 1 hr, 3 min May-2007
The Borderline Realm John M. Oldham, M.D. 49 min., 54 sec. Oct-2006


Genetics and Borderline Personality Disorder Scott Wilson 33 min., 18 sec. Oct-2008
Genetic and Environmental Influences on BPD John Livesley, M.D., Ph.D. 36 min., 31 sec. Oct-2006


International Perspectives on the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: U.S. Mary C. Zanarini, EdD 34 min. Oct-2008
International Perspectives on the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: U.K. Anthony Bateman, MD 34 min, 5 sec. Oct-2008
Advances in the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder John Gunderson, MD 44 min, 57 sec May-2008
Applications of Dialectical Behavior Therapy To Trauma-Related Problems Shireen L. Rizvi, Ph.D 51 min, 22 sec May-2008
An Overview of Treatment Strategies for Borderline Personality Disorder Glen O. Gabbard, MD 1 hr 4 min, 33 sec Oct-2007
Recent Developments: Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT) for Borderline Personality Disorder Professor Anthony Bateman, MA, MD. FRCPsych 1 hr, 28 min, 2 sec Oct-2007
Clinical Roundtable: The Three Faces of Psychotherapy for BPD Clinical Perspectives
Overview & Moderator: Kenneth Silk, MD
Alan E. Fruzzetti, PhD
Frank E. Yeomans, MD
Jeffrey E. Young, PhD
49 min, 53 sec Oct-2007
Implications for Treatment
Overview and Moderator, Larry J.  Siever, MD
Emil F. Coccaro, MD
Harold W. Koenigsberg, MD
Antonia New, MD
Christian Schmahl, MD
Paul H. Soloff, MD
1 hr, 1 min, 3 sec Oct-2007
Transference-Focused Psychotherapy: Aiming for Change in Psychological Structure Frank E. Yeomans, MD, PhD 41 min, 25 sec Oct-2007
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Alan E. Fruzzetti, PhD 32 min, 32 sec Oct-2007
Schema-Focused Therapy Jeffrey Young, PhD 59 min, 35 sec Oct-2007
Effectiveness of Inpatient Dialectal Behavioral Therapy: A Controlled and Natural Follow-up Data Professor Martin Bohus, M.D. 42 min. Oct-2006
Dialectical Behavior Therapy: More and More Data Alan E. Fruzzetti, PhD 45 min., 22 sec. Oct-2006
Transference Focused Psychotherapy Frank E. Yeomans, M.D., PhD 46 min., 26 sec. Oct-2006


Interpersonal Relationships: Where Does Attachment Fit In? Anthony W. Bateman, MD 50 min., 10 sec. Oct-2008
Red Flags in Childhood: Early Markers for BPD Nicki R. Crick, PhD 50 min., 49 sec. Oct-2008
Adolescence or BPD: How to Tell the Difference Alec L. Miller, PsyD 56 min., 40 sec. Oct-2008
The 10-Year Course: Longitudinal Study Mary C. Zanarini, EdD 53 min, 50 sec Oct-2008
Long Term Prognosis of Adolescent Borderline Diagnosis Patricia Cohen, Ph.D. 39 min., 4 sec. Oct-2006


What to Medicate and When: the Role of Medication Across the Ages Kenneth R. Silk, MD 55 min., 33 sec Oct-2008


The Connections Place: A Portal for Hope Dale Terilli 13 min., 10 sec May-2008
Beyond Remission: Mapping BPD Recovery Kiera Van Gelder, MFA 43 min., 45 sec May-2008


Suicidal Behavior and Self Injury: Applications of Research to Clinical Practice Barbara Stanley, PhD 57 min., 2 sec. Oct-2008
Psychobiology of Suicidal Behavior in BPD Paul H. Soloff, M.D. 44 min., 43 sec. Oct-2006


Borderline Personality Disorder and Trauma Seth R. Axelrod, PhD 29 min., 41 sec May-2008
BPD and Complex PTSD Judith Lewis Herman, MD May-2008
Panel Discussion: BPD, Complex PTSD, and Resiliency
Moderator: Ellen Nasper, PhD
Judith L. Herman, MD
Shireen Rivzi, PhD
Steven M. Southwick, MD
Kiera Van Gelder, MFA
51 min., 21 sec May-2008


Neuroimaging Studies of Emotion Processing in BPD Harold W. Koenigsberg, MD 57 min, 26 sec Oct-2007
Trauma and Disassociation in Borderline Personality Disorder Christian Schmahl, MD 50 min, 45 sec Oct-2007
Serotonin-2A Receptor Binding in Borderline Personality Disorder Paul H. Soloff, MD 56 min, 9 sec Oct-2007
Neuroscience and Brain Imaging: Aggression and BPD Emil F. Coccaro, M.D. 38 min., 15 sec. Oct-2006


Understanding Validation in Families Alan E. Fruzzetti, PhD 51 min., 53 sec. Oct-2008
Thinking and Rethinking BPD Amanda Wang 8 min., 38 sec. May-2008
Consumer and Family Perspectives and Family Connections Perry D. Hoffman, PhD 8 min., 38 sec. May-2008


Fostering Resiliency Steven M. Southwick, MD 42 min., 29 sec. May-2008
Emotion Regulation and BPD: Laboratory and Experience Sampling Research Alexander Chapman, PhD 34 min, 59 sec Oct-2007
Persons Screening Positive for Borderline Personality Disorder in the Household Population of Great Britain Professor Jeremy Coid, M.D., Dip Criminal, FRCPsych 30 min., 35 sec. Oct-2006
Behind Bars: People with BPD in Jail & Prison Robert L. Trestman PhD. M.D. 32 min., 6 sec. Oct-2006
Special Presentation: Interview with Wayne Fenton Wayne S. Fenton, M.D. 19 min., 33 sec. Oct-2006
Debate: Should BPD Be on Axis I or Axis II? Andrew E. Skodol, M.D. & John M. Oldham, M.D. 1 hr., 13 min., 26 sec. Oct-2006